Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 2

Well last night I went home and had some ham and bean soup. It was really good. I can't remember which dessert bar I had but both were really good. I was starving when I got home. I went to bed not hungry but I felt like I needed to eat something to create a full feeling. Maybe this was all in my head.

This morning when I woke up I was hungry but I also felt like I was more energetic and I felt lighter, for the lack of a better word. Now I don't believe I lost any weight in 24 hours but it was in my head. I had a breakfast bar and then some orange/pineapple juice. I got on the computer and really forgot about food as I was listening to talk radio and playing BeJeweled. When I got up to brush my teeth I felt the hole in my stomach talking to me.

I wanted to get a cheeseburger at McD's on the way to work but didn't. I really want to try this and be honest with myself.

I brought a dessert bar, a almond biscotti. It was okay and I made it last almost 30 minutes. I was trying to stave off the hunger because lunch wasn't until 4:30. I did make it to lunch and wasn't starving. I had the meatloaf and mashed potato dinner. It was pretty good and filled the hunger in me. I also had a peach A&E low fat yogurt. It is really good. I had brought 2 servings of mandarin oranges but didn't eat that. It is 7:46 and I opened the container of oranges and have been snacking on them. I don't want to be starving when I get off.

I know I am not following exactly the meal planner but I didn't have the money to go buy groceries and get Rose's Rimadyl. She needs her medicine more than I need my vegetables. I get paid Thursday so I will be okay. As a funny side note, I was looking at my finances and sort of panicked because I had $100 and knew if I got Rosie's stuff I wouldn't have enough to buy food, fast food. Then I remembered that this goof has food, don't need money for stopping by fast food after work!

The grocery ads came today, I have them with me. I am going to look thru them and see what is on sale. I was thinking about the Farmer's Market, not sure if it opens in March or April but I am craving vegetables.

I got my Nordic Needle January Card of the Month in the mail yesterday. The card itself is gorgeous and the design that goes in the opening will be really nice when stitched. It has a pretty variegated blue perle cotton to stitch the design with. I look forward to stitching on it. Oh goody, another project to start. Have a blessed day.

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Mrs Rooster said...

RAH RAH RAH I am cheering for you. I put a shirt on that I haven't worn since before I had my daughter. It felt great.

I use a smaller plate and drink tons of icy water. You actually burn more calores by drinking icy water. It takes more calores to warm your innards back up!

I don't have the money for any systems. So I am using smaller portions and adding steps to my day. Our bedroom is upstairs, so I am using the steps more. I am trying to get myself to walk every morning after I drop my daughter off at school. There is a beautiful 2 mile trail not far from my house.

I am with you, E2. ;)