Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 1

I thought about posting yesterday but didn't. I went up to HyVee and was totally impressed with their Health Market, which is a store within a store really for healthy/organic foods. There was the cutest little gal named Kat which knew her stuff and was a delight. By the time I got done looking there my back was kicking so I didn't even to to the fresh vegetables and now I am sorry. I sure would have loved a nice salad today.

I haven't eaten all the food I should have today. This morning I had one of the wonderful granola bars and it was good. I also had a AE low-fat yogurt, it is the best. I just got done with lunch and I had a Chicken Pasta Parmesan dinner entree. It was very good, the only problem, there wasn't near enough of it. I also had another yogurt and some mandarin oranges. See, this is where the salad would have come in handy. I brought some bunny whole wheat crackers and I counted out 14 of them which would be 2 breads and put them in a little baggie to snack on.

When I get home tonight I will have a lunch entree before I go to bed. I really need to get some fresh vegetables. I looked for my Weight Watchers recipe of a ranch dip using plain no fat yogurt, buttermilk, Hidden Valley ranch mix and I think mayo but I can't find the steno book I have it in. It made a huge amount and you could have a large amount at a time and it was SO good. I was thinking of snacking here at work with it and cauliflower. I will have to look further. I did a google search for the recipe but none I found were it.

So far so good, and I am not looking too far into the future. Already I am hungry and it has not even been an hour since I last ate.

Stitching is going, I did start on my praying hands bookmark. I was enjoying it. I see that Nordic Needle took my money for the hardanger card of the month club so I hope I will be getting that soon.

My new life start today had a very surprising addition which is quite personal and I won't share it, but it has made me realize God is answering my prayers. Wow is all I have to say. When we let things go, they do come back to us in a fashion which can take our breath away. God go with all of you.

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