Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stashing, Secreting, Stockpiling, Scraping together

I have been contemplating starting on another project for my spiritual sister Marilyn. Her beautiful home is decorated with an African flair and I found a picture of the fabric I want to use for it. It is the hand dyed linen pictured above and it is from Enchanted Fabrics ( ). The design is stylized African women with jars on their heads. Won't this be fabulous for it?
I did order 2 charts from a lady on the 1-2-3 Stitch message board. I am purchasing Cherub Needleroll from M Designs and Hot Cocoa Sampler from Casey Buonaugurio Designs. I haven't ordered from her sale folder but I have seen her moniker on the board for some time. I am looking forward to adding to my stash.
The ladies at C.C. & Company laughed at me when I walked in yesterday as I had been there the day before. Well I got home and pulled out my Gentle Arts Sampler Threads and the Weeks Dyed Works Threads and I only had 3 of the 16 or so colors that the Lizzie Kate Boo Club called for. I was really surprised I was missing so many. So another trip was needed to Blue Springs. I did use one of my full punch cards so I was able to get all my floss that i need for the Boo!!
So here is a thought....I was thinking about labeling a box with all my stash I buy this year and not putting it up or away. That way it will be easier for me to find all the new goodies I get. I really need to reorganize my stash anyway. That room is a MESS!!!! Then there would be pictures, lovely pictures of the way it is.
Can you believe that the synonym for stashing is hoarding???? That is very appalling!!! Collecting would be good! So from the ever expanding Lilac Thicket, due to collecting of all that is cross stitch....have a blessed day!

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