Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nothing Too Special

Isn't that the cutest New Year greeting card. I love the vintage style postcards.

I watched "Ballet Shoes" last evening. It came in the mail from Netflix yesterday. It starred the young lady who played Hermoine Granger and the man who played Mr. Dursley, both from the Harry Potter series. I enjoyed the story. It was sent back this morning so I should have 3 movies coming back to me.
I printed off the pin keep free design that I spoke about in yesterday's post. I also printed off the EMS advent calendar, part 1 & 2. I looked at her website and they have some neat ideas for finishing. They have them as ornaments on a tree, treat bags staggered over a curtain rod, a long banner, stockings, heart ornaments on a wreath, wall banner pockets, and treat bags in a big basket. Now I am not sure how I want to finish them. The pin keep uses 7 DMC colors and I will pull them when I get home. The Advent calendar looks to use about 16 or so DMC colors and they can vary from number to number.
My little sister has one of her bathrooms decorated with the rubber duckie theme. EMS has a duckie free design. I am thinking a door knob pillow for her bathroom. I was also thinking about a finger tip towel with a duckie border. I believe I have little duckies in a baby pattern book. I will have to look for it. Don't you think that would be nice Christmas presents?
Well that about does it from the Lilac Thicket. Stay warm and stay stitchin'!

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