Tuesday, March 31, 2009

These are the two patterns that I have finally narrowed my search to for the fabric that I purchased at Fabric.com. I am leaning toward the one on the left. I like the bodice more.

No stitching has been done since the last entry, but my 3 days off begin at 4:30 this afternoon and I will enjoy some stitching and Netflix movies on my "weekend".

The snow we got this past weekend is gone, except for where the plows piled it up. The Bradford pear trees appear to be a bit ragged but pretty none the less.

I am officially at great great aunt as of yesterday morning. Our family was blessed with a healthy baby girl Rose Lynn Ann. She and her Mama are doing great and her Daddy, my great nephew, is very much in love with his girl! I look forward to seeing, holding and getting a picture of our new angel.

Have a blessed day as we will here in the Lilac Thicket.

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