Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow and Stitchy Finish

Yes, March is full of surprises here in the Midwest. It started off as rain for a few hours and as the temperature dropped it turned to sleet and then lo and behold the snow started maybe about 4pm and then when I woke this morning, this is what I saw. Most of the snow is gone off my car and the streets.
This is my San Man Originals finish. I took another photo because the fabric looked greenish and actually it is Ray of Light, a light yellow. I wanted to make an Easter card but the laser cut card I have in my stash had a round 2½" opening and the design just didn't fit in the opening. Darn it all. Now I think a tuck pillow. I have some pretty yellow printed cotton that would work well I believe and I have tons of buttons and charms which would look cute in the 4 corners.

I am working on the name plate for my supervisor. She is a Mickey Mouse fan and so on purple evenweave with HDF (Vicki Clayton silks) I stitched her name in a rosy peach color. I purchased 2 kits from Stitch! 1-2-3, a Minnie Mouse and a Mickey which are to be stitched at the beginning and end of her name. I saw some fabric at Hobby Lobby that I liked for the back. I have some peach ribbon to make the handle to hang on a door knob. It is turning out rather nicely. I will post a pic when complete.

No new stash. Money has been tight and so stash is the last thing I should be spending money on. I have enough to keep me busy for many lifetimes! LOL!!

Just a note for myself here to remind me that my ex called Tuesday the 25th. I remained strong and steadfast even though it was difficult not to get sucked back into the drama of his life. I leave everything in God's hands and let him lead me to where I need to be and go!

I watched the mini series Lost in Austen on the Ovation Channel today. A very different and imaginative twist on the Jane Austen book "Pride and Prejudice". I'm not sure how well I liked it. It did hold my attention though.

That is all I have from the snow capped Lilac Thicket. May all your days be stitchy and nice!

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