Saturday, July 28, 2012

Men in little white coats are stalking me....

And They're coming to take me away Ha Ha
They're coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha
To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time and I'll be happy to see those nice men in their clean white coats
They're coming to take me away Ha Ha
To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle thier thumbs and toes
They're coming to take me away Ha Ha Ha

OK, I am just going to say it...I have a hoarding, cluttered, creative mind.  Day and night I am making plans for things I want to create.  It's distracting and it's a sickness.  At work, I think about the clothing I want to sew and the elements like the ruffles, ribbons, buttons, beading, puffed sleeves, gathered waist and fancy threads.  In my dreams... I awake from a dream with positive wonder and the bizarre ideas I must remember.  When I look at the thrift shop I see inspiration everywhere, from flowers, to patterns on china, to jewelry, crocheted doilies and even the clothing other women are wearing.  To me the world is one huge idea catalog!  My home is littered with things I have purchased and forgotten.  When I rediscover them I think, what did I buy this for?  Or I buy something and store it away, only to buy it again!

Let's not even talk about the Internet and all of these wonderful bloggers who actually are creative and finish what they start!  Oh my gosh, my computer files are full of ideas I have borrowed and recipes that I would love to try!  What is the matter with me?  Give me something to stop this madness, this sickness, this terminal epidemic I am being tortured with!

So as an example of how cluttered my mind is, look at the above picture.  It is my old kitchen table that was moved to my happy room.  See the clutter, OK, it's some of my jewelry, I sit down there in the morning to get ready for work and fuss with my face (make-up) and futz around with what earrings and bracelets to wear.  Plus the Professor likes to stack crap on there that he deems mine that he finds on the sofa, dining room table or in the mail box.  We won't mention he has a lair filled with his crap behind the sofa table where I get to trip over it when I want to open or close the drapes, oh no, my stuff can't sit in the front room but his can...okay, that was a vent.  My table is cluttered and chaotic and is the perfect metaphor for my mind.

So this morning I straightened it all up and we can identify a couple of elements of my sickness. Buttons!  I love buttons!  The buttons in the above picture were rescued at the thrift shop.  They will go in my button box.  I love having cute hair, in fact at work if I don't have a cute element in my hair, I disappoint.  I made the above hair combs with net flowers from the wedding aisle at Hobby Lobby.  Now the pin...
Isn't it darling?  It is an angel made out of a spoon and clip on earrings.  Honestly, I bought these from someone, I don't remember who but I gave them as gifts and I forgot I had this until I found a box BEHIND my dresser!  Sickness!!!!!!!!!
Now the aforementioned cute hair sickness.   I love flowers and ribbons and such for my hair.  I have bought a few but they can be expensive so I have made many.  When I would come home from work they would be strewn about the Professor's pristine home cluttering up his decor of early American rat hole in the corner behind the sofa I claimed a dog leash and hung it on the wall and clipped all my beautiful hair accessories to it. But to take this mental illness to a new level...
lovely plastic flower pin bought at the Thrift Shop was begging to be converted into hair bling!  Yes it's a bit heavier and gives me a headache but it is perfect in my hair and what girly girl wouldn't mind a headache, it's so little to pay for thrilling tresses to delight all!

Now here is a look at an ongoing compulsion.  My top that I want to design, well this morning I lined them all up the fabric I want to use on the back of the love seat.  I draped some rescued lace from the thrift shop on top of them. The fabric second from the left, the brownish rose colored fabric I want to be the semi fitting bodice.  The  rest in the picture above and below, I want to make a panel from each for the body of the blouse.
See the cream colored fabric with the little roses which is second from the right?  It's a bed sheet, I have two of them that were gleaned at the Thrift Shop for 2 dolla' each, they are full size!  Yes, inspiration everywhere my friends.  Let's not mention the yards and yards of lace I have from the Thrift Shop.  I want to take a different length of each and lay it down over where the panels meet on the body.  Yes, I do get closer every day to actually making this designer piece and maybe in 8 years I will actually have it finished!  I am sick, sick, sick!

Now for another example of madness, like you need to hear one as I am sure you all have the inkling of the level of my illness, is the dress I bought for 5 dolla at the Thrift Shop yesterday.  The fabric is sheer, the skirt is approximately 2 full yards.  The bodice has a cute pin tuck front.  I want to use the pin tuck front with the buttons to create a small hand bag.  The skirt I want to make a strapless top, with elastic casing at the bust and I think a ruffle, like a Goddess dress, but just a blouse!  I am shrieking here with the possibilities...someone stop me quick before I hurt myself!

See...even the objects on my desk are surprised at my lunacy!  God Bless and may all your obsessions be just as delicious as mine here in the folds of the Lilac Thicket.


Miss LindaLee said...

Oh Sandi Jo! I am so glad you're really back to blogging. I love the way you write. The things you write about and how casual and comfortable it is here.
I am not going to say a thing to stop your sickness! I have it too, and I think we're actually blessed to have it! Do you know how many people just don't see the beauty and the fun in everything around them? Well we see it! We get it! We're so blessed. Unfortunately, we just haven't been blessed with big homes to house everything we buy to use for all our stitching and crafting. I love you girlfriend. Welcome back!

Amy said...

I love "Coming to take me away Ha Ha." It is a riot. Warped minds think alike. LOL

Sounds like you have so much fun.

Love ya,