Friday, July 10, 2009

A knitted finish!!

It has been a while since my last entry. My computer is fritzing here in the Lilac Thicket and I know I will have to get a new one some time soon but I have to take care of a couple of things and then I want to save up my money and hopefully by Christmas I will have the money to pay cash for a laptop and take advantage of awesome Christmas sales.

No stitching to speak of. I have a project put together to start. I also have many WIPS in the Thicket so today I want to sit down and stitch. I have been pawing thru my stash and WOW do I have some great stash. I will share later! Onto my pride and joy, for the moment.

The lining was machine sewn, the handles attached via sewing machine and then tacked into the knitted purse. A pen pocket, a key loop and a larger pocket were also attached to the inside lining.
This is the fabric for the lining. I wanted the dark green/black color so it would co-ordinate with purse and the beads. I love the summer tropical motif of the fabric.

A close up the beads which I strung and attached. Love them, they are just the right size.
And this is the finished product. One skein of Lana Grande, a chunky alpaca yarn. 60 stitches cast onto 15-16 circular needles and just keep knitting until the yarn is gone. Very simple and I am so pleased with my project. There are a couple of twisted stitches but the tension is very good for my first knitted project.
So there is a brief but truthful entry to the happenings at the Lilac Thicket. May your days be filled with sweet tea and daydreams and your nights be filled with fire flies and wonderful dreams.

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