Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Hot Cocoa" progress

This is my little bit of progress on "Hot Cocoa". I hope to add to it today. The picture is pretty accurate as to color and I am really pleased with the colors of the fabric and silks working up.

Not much stitchy stuff going on in the Thicket but yesterday my third call (at work) is one I would like to share. I spoke with a Mrs. Kathy who is 62 and she up front said she is told she gives way too much info. She wanted to refill a prescription which I helped her with but she went on to tell me she was bi-polar and the challenges she had in her life. She was VERY spiritually founded and as I have long believed, people with mental health issues seem to be be much more connected with God. It seems He connects with them in a more profound way then with individuals such as myself who are deemed "healthy" in a mental capacity. I could have talked with her all day as she was SO full of wisdom. She shared she had 3 times in her life where she knew God was right there with her. I told her I had only had 1 experience where I knew God was in my presence here on earth. I told her the feeling was beyond words but SO intense and I was very emotional as I was saying this to the point she heard it in my voice. I told her I prayed for another experience just like that, to feel God inside me and surrounding me all at once. She told me that her minister told her that is exactly what the Rapture will feel like and that blew me away! As we were ending the call she told me she had 159 angels all over her house which she collected over the years and she wanted me to know that she had just named one after me. I was sobbing as we hung up, told her I loved her and would pray for her. There are NO coincidences as to who comes into your life on a daily basis and I have NO doubt that she was sent my way to strengthen my faith and love of God.

Mrs. Kathy struck me as a true gift from God. She said life brought some very troubling people into her life but told me that Billy Graham said our job is to love these people and it is God's job to judge these people that are troubling and then to judge us on how well we loved these troubling people. How simple and yet, difficult.

Thank you God for sending Mrs. Kathy my way, she has forever changed my life. So here at the Oh, so humble Lilac Thicket we pray for blessings for you.

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