Monday, April 2, 2012

Delight filled days

Warmer then normal spring days are being enjoyed by the residents of the Lilac Thicket.  Wonderful sights, smells and sounds await us at every turn.  The gorgeous flowers, the smell of fresh cut grass and the sounds of the birds singing in the mornings makes one feel blessed to be alive.
Princess Wiggle Wiggle had her third birthday.  Bless her widdle heart she didn't feel good.  We found out later that day she has an ear infection.  Her great great auntie threw her an awesome Dora the Explorer birthday party.  The whole family came together and celebrated the gift of 3 whole years that this beautiful little girl has graced our lives. 
Princess happened to be born on the same date as her Grandma MeMe (my SIL), so we celebrated her birthday too.  I made SIL's gift, well gussied it up anyway.  I took 2 kitchen towels and added bright and springy borders and ruffles to them.  They turned out really cute and I want to make some for my Mom and me too!

I cooked a chuck roast today with potatoes, onions, carrots and peas.  Boy it was yummy and there are plenty of left overs so I will enjoy lunch at work with them.

Professor has been busy mowing, cleaning and hanging the new blue insulated curtains which look nice. They help cut out the heat from the western sunset which will really help cut down on our energy bills. 

Our 13 year old Rosie slipped on the one step from the garage into the kitchen.  She went down hard and hurt herself.  I am going to give her the Vetprofen twice a day for the next couple of days.  Of course her sight is not as good as it was, but as long as she has more good days then bad we can put off what we know will happen someday.
How is it that you have a dog you never really wanted in the first place and yet you fall in love with them and they become your heart.  I have cried so many tears in that old girl's fur and I have told her my greatest joys and my most embarrassing secrets and she still loves me.  The love of a dog, I never really wanted has given me love and joy and purpose when I perhaps didn't deserve it or appreciate it.  Oh my Rosie Kate, you own such a huge part of my heart and you always will.
Well it is time for bed for all good girlish girls and so I think I will close, crawl into bed to dream of lilacs and warm puppy fur.  God Bless Us Everyone.

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Hi Sandi Jo~ I'm hopping that this will get you set back into blogging gear again! If you go to my blog you
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