Saturday, April 18, 2009


It is raining here in the Lilac Thicket after several lovely days of sun and warm. The old saying comes to mind "April Showers Bring May Flowers". I definately want the lilacs to bloom because it makes my thicket smell like heaven.

I have been cleaning and reorganizing my craft room, starting with all my needlework stash. My ex-husband rearranged everything 3 years ago and I never did straighten it out where I could find my stuff. I have found many treasures that I had forgotten about. Case in point the bracelet kit shown above! I am thinking pretty little motifs stitched over one on 40 count would allow for a bigger motif and that would make charming little buttons to be glued on for a neat bracelet for myself. I also found great designs I had purchased and stashed away and most are much more desirable then anything on the market today. Most designs look alike anymore. Now I am not saying I won't buy more stash but when I have such a delightful array purchased long ago, WHY?!? Can you believe I found my fabric wheel cutter? I didn't even realize I had purchased one. I do think I have a hoarding disorder, stitching stuff, you know what I mean!

Well I have to tell you my mother e-mailed me photographs from a Lee's Summit Journal photographer she found somewhere on-line of the tea party she attended 4/15/09! What a photo puss she is, yes she was even in one of the photos!

I love bird watching and I found an Eagle Cam which is located at the Norfolk (Virginia) Botanical Garden. Yes good things do have their genesis in Norfolk (I was born there). If you love watching Bald Eagles raise their chickies go to: I watched Mommy bird rip apart a fish and feed her kids. We are so blessed to be able to witness this! Nature is amazing!!

Well gentle readers, have a wonder filled April day! I will here in the Lilac Thicket dreaming Lilac dreams!

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