Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday's Spring Sojourn

When I go to work in the mornings now, the sun is starting to rise in the east.  The birds are singing, I hear robins and cardinals and chickadees.  At work I hear the Canadian Snow geese across the street in the pond.  It is all the tell tale signs of spring.  I love the morning sun rises, God reminding us of the beauty in each day.
From my vista at work I can see the sun pop up over the horizon changing everything to a golden world.  I love it. 
My happy room has a large lovely window that faces the east and as the sun rises it fills the room with great light to stitch by or even blog by.  Rose and April are outside and I can watch them perform their duties.  I can watch the robins and sparrows hunt for their breakfast and soon I will hear the woodpeckers drumming out their territory on my rain gutters.  I wonder if robins will nest in the crook of the down spout like last year. 
So you can see this is a perfect spot for me to settle in to for stitching.  One draw back is the Professor likes to prowl up and down the hall checking out what I am doing.  I think it really bothers him that that he doesn't have a spot in here to hang out.  He does like to follow me from room to room. 
Do you remember this little beauty?  It is the Alessandra Adelaide stitch along from 2010 and it is sitting in here and I am itching to get started on soon as I figure out where I left off.

We have an appointment at 1:30 and I wish I could cancel but it is something pretty important so I can't. I want to cozy into the house and I don't think it is going to be warm enough to throw open a window, but I will take the 57° high they are predicting.

I have a shameful secret...I found a ton of unfinished projects in excavating the happy room.  I will have to take pictures of them and post them here.  You know when you buy stuff and then it gets "lost", oh my gosh I have found my lost stuff and I think I have found yours too!

Off I go to greet the rest of my day and enjoy the secret folds here in the Lilac Thicket.  God Bless Us Everyone.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life in the Lilac Lane

Oh happy day my loveliest readers.  I have been oh so busy and that last thing that I have wanted to do is stop and blog.  Not that I don't want to regale you with tales of the Lilac Thicket but when I get in the mood I need to keep going.  If I stop, I lose my mojo! 

 We had our first shovelable snow Sunday the 12th into the 13th and the Carribean Prince just couldn't wait to get his hands on the shovel. 
Valentine's Day I was so envious of all the ladies at work with beautiful vases of roses.  I got home to a from scratch sponge cake, made and decorated with more love and thought then any vase of flowers ever bought and sent.  In fact this cake was the second one the Professor made.  The first didn't come out and he had to take a cold walk up to the grocery for more flour and eggs.  My thought now is, my delicious cake was more beautiful then any bunch of old flowers.  The Professor made this cake from memories of his mother making it back in Guyana, so that makes it more spectacular, don't you think?

This was the gift my dearest beloved received from his loving and gentle wife.  Yes it is a 50" Zenith plasma television.  Oh it is huge, it didn't look that big in the Sears!  The Professor is in love...with the t.v. not me!  When we went to the Thrift Shop yesterday we found the television stand for $7.50!  (Have you priced tv stands at WalMart and Sear?  OMG) It was half price, as was everything in the store.  It is great to see movies in high definition.  Maybe someday the Prince will love ME as much as the television.
 My happy room is coming right along.  We put the old kitchen table in under the window.  We dressed the window with some sweet blue flocked curtains that my mom gave us.  The ironing board was taken down after 8 years of permanent residence standing vigil under the window with a ton, and I do mean a ton, of crap stacked on top of it.
  The book shelves have been somewhat organized by the Professor, and dusted.  I have a several clear plastic storage containers and had everything sorted and up off the floor.
 I came home from work on Saturday to a husband meeting me at the door "you caught me".  My domestic God, the Professor sorted a bunch of stuff all in a heap all over the floor.  Can you spell "frustrated"?  I wanted to commit Professor-cide!   
 So after my Mother bailed me out of jail yesterday,  I came home and made a Mennonite recipe for Macaroni and Cheese.  I was disappointed because it wasn't cheesy enough for me.  But it hit the spot with baked BBQ chicken. 

That is the little bit of news going on here in my Lilac Thicket.  Thank you a lot for missing me.  Off I go to eat myself some dinner.  God Bless Us Everyone!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Help...there's a plant in the dog dish!

A simple update for my gentle readers, life is wonderful here in the cold, cloistered confines of the Lilac Thicket.  We are supposed to get some snow tonight, I suppose Old Man Winter is trying to remind us here that it IS winter.  I mean really snow in winter in Missouri...inconceivable!

The news on the Happy Room front is good.  We are now in the midst of arranging and organizing.  Hooray!  I am anxious to sit down with needle and thread and have a go at a neglected craft.

The Professor is in the midst of cleaning.  He wanted a plant, I am not really sure he is ready for the responsibility of such a living organism.  He promised HE would take care of it.  So I relented and I got him some spiky leaved thing that should grow into a tree.  When I gave it to him he asked "where should I put it"?  Well I then I started second guessing myself about the wisdom of allowing him the custodial rights over the plant. 

The victim is now sitting in a dog bowl on a small plant stand in front of the window.

I had to stop for a moment, the Professor was using a plastic pancake turner scrape the gunk out from under the burners.  Yuck, and then we use it on our food?  Makes me wonder what goes on when I am not home.  On the other hand, maybe it's best I don't know.

I am going to go to a baby shower here in a couple of hours.  My mother knitted a lovely white blanket with the softest yarn.  I forgot to get a pic for the blog, and I have it wrapped already.  I will try to get one at the shower.

I am trying to get the Professor to go to the shower with me, other guys are going.  So I bribed him, we can go to see the movie he wants to see, something like "Red Rear" or something like that.  It's the one about Tuskegee Airmen. Then we can go to Red Lobster.

Sorry, I almost had a heart attack, I thought the Professor was using Windex to clean off the top of my wooden clock that Brother 2 made us out of wonderful walnut.

I got I lovely Valentine card from my husband in the mail.  It will be our first Valentine's Day together.  We actually met 2/17/11, so we haven't known each other a year yet.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's SO-O-O-O pink!

Oh my gentlest of readers, I'm in the pink and I hope my new blog design reflects that!  Since I officially turned 55 last week, I thought I would freshen up my life, like it could get any better then it was.  Well the answer to that is YES!  I was asked to work a special project at work. I was thrilled to be asked and even more thrilled to say yes.  So 4 out of my 5 work days, I will be working with another department within the call center.  I will be working on a project which will benefit the entire enterprise.  I will be learning so much more and who knows where this will ultimately lead me at CVS/Caremark.  God has blessed me beyond my wildest imagination.

Our mandatory overtime is almost at an end, which is terrific.  I have enjoyed more money in my pay but I love my time in my Thicket and I have been so tired.
The Professor is in taking a nap.  I know our late night, watching the Mizzou Tigers take a piece of out of some horrid little red and blue fowl's tail.  Go my #4 rated University of Missouri. 

I have heard something about a SuperBowl which has NO meaning in the Lilac Thicket because of our Border War game last night. 

So for my birthday I went to the Thrift Shop and found me a really nice SAK purse for $3.50 and a few other little chachkas.  Then we went and saw "A Joyful Noise" which we both loved.  I also was excited because my Caribbean Prince held my hand through out the whole movie (a first in my life).  We then went over to Mom's and the family was there.  We ate Popeye's chicken and had a lovely cake, decorated with cross stitch "X"es and flowers.  It was good, good, good. 
Then there were lovely presents.  I got a new pair of pants, a set of cookie sheets, a lovely blue blouse, a blue cotton jersey jacket,
3 pairs of wonderful earrings (hand made by my SIL)
and a gift certificate for my  needlework shop.  My Professor bought and sent me the prettiest card. 
So birthday 55 was the best one I have ever had.
I did purchase some stash, 2 Just Nan's Snowflower and Ice Blossom.  My Happy Room isn't done yet but there is definite progress.
I am getting ready for Valentine's Day.  Professor's favorite magazine is Penthouse Reader's Digest, so I purchased a subscription for 2 years and I want to get him some Hershey's Kisses.  Plus for the past 4 days I have been penning reasons I love him, I want to have 101 reasons. 
Then I will type them up and print them off instead of purchasing a card.  I am up to 72 reasons and the pretty pink trim covers a couple of private reasons which I won't share.  Mom was pretty impressed with my offerings when she asked me what I was getting him for VD!
So life is wonderful here in the cockles of the Lilac Thicket and I will close with a picture of the two most important people in my life.  My Caribbean Prince and my marvelous mother.  God Bless Us Everyone.